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How do I sign up?

Right here on the site!

How do I get my colored bags + trash bins?

Once you get signed up with us, we will drop off your bin/bags to recycle within a few days.  We provide you with one of each colored bag per pick-up and one trash bin ($50 upon request).  

Please only use the bags provided.

What materials can I recycle with you?


Aluminum Cans (Soda, Beer, Etc.)



Plastics #1 (Plastic Bottles, Peanut Butter Jars, Etc)

Plastics #2 (Milk Jugs, Cleaning Containers, Etc)

Tin Cans (Soups/Veggies)


Glass Products (Jars, Bottles)









Materials not accepted?

Plastic bags, Aluminum/tin foil, cooking trays, hazardous material (motor oil, stain, etc.), or any items that have not been rinsed.

When will my recycling get picked up?

Your recyclables will be picked up on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

If this day falls on a holiday (or inclement weather), then we will notify you and pick up the following day.

How does my recycling get picked up?

On recycling day, please set your items at the curb where they are easily accessible but not blocking the roadway - just as you would for trash day! *If you are in a condo complex, we will communicate what instructions your specific complex would like you to follow! 

What is your service area?

Our main service areas are Lake Ozark, and Four Seasons.  However, we also serve residents on Highway W all the way down to W-12 as well as residents in Osage Beach and Porto Cima.We will not be traveling down Highway 42 for now.


Thanks so much for joining the LOD+R Family.  We look forward to serving the lake area for years to come!

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